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Using TopicTalk, we will use technology to bring people to directly talk to each other, instead of letting them just watch each other.
Why we even exist?
We believe most people nowadays don’t express themselves enough, there are alot of things inside each one of us that we want to get it out and talk about it with other people, but not any people, only people who are interested to listen and interact. At TopicTalk, we bring the people who are interested in a topic on one stage, giving them the opportunity to talk, share, interact, learn and laugh. At TopicTalk, we are able to create amazing connections, new friends, we fight loneliness, we create relief, we give the joy of talking about things you find interesting, we give you the pleasure of having nice conversations, we give you the control to choose what to talk about. We are bringing people closer, like never before.
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Learn from other people, at the same time try to help others
Is there any support for your application?
Customer support is carried out 24/7, you can also leave a ticket with a problem to our support, during the day the problem will be solved and you can continue to work
Where is your head office?
It is not necessary to go to our office, all problems we can solve in a remote format
Can I integrate my app?
Any application from any platform is integrated and added to our platform
Do you have a permanent pricing plan?
Yes, we have many tariffs and there is a permanent one, in this case you can always use it with special privileges and be the first to receive the latest updates
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